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Jun 01, 2010:
Updated to v2.2 minor fixes and adjustments.

This template includes a lot of additional styles and layout variations in the stylesheet. To see these, use the navigation menu to view the different pages and layout examples.

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Examples of included CSS styles

This template is built to work for many different kinds of sites. To make it easier for you to add your content, I have included additional styles in the CSS that you can use if you want to. This page includes a number of simple demos of these styles. To see how they are used, look at the source.

Example of the table styling
Template Designer Rating Comment
Total 3 templates listed. Average rating is 4/5.
andreas01 Andreas 4/5 Originally released on July 25th 2005, this template has become one of the most well-known website templates in the world.
1024px Andreas 3/5 A simple and basic template, which is made for screen resolutions with a width of 1024 pixels or more.
modular Andreas 5/5 Still in the works, Andreas' modular template makes it possible to combine a number of "code blocks" to create a large number of different layouts from one single template.

More styles...

Regular text can be strong, emphasized and of course linked. You can use the del and ins too if you want to point out changes in your textual content. These are all standard HTML tags, use them with care.

I have also added a few extra classes for text styling, such as this paragraph wich uses the class "center".

Regular text can also be made very small or very large, and even highlighted like this using CSS classes. You can also apply colors, like red, green and blue to texts and other objects.

"This is a sample showing the blockquote tag..."


  1. Ordered list, option 1
  2. Ordered list, option 2
  3. Ordered list, option 3
    1. Sub-option to option 3
    2. Another sub-option to option 3
  4. Ordered list, option 4
  5. Ordered list, option 5


If you are planning to use this template with a blog or a content management system, you will probably use forms in different ways. Search boxes, comments and contact forms are the most common features that use forms, so I have included styles for those. The search box can be seen on the first page, but here is a sample comment form. Please note that it is not functional, this is only to show what a real comment form could look like.